Brokers Score Big with CYC’s New Triple Play Program

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It’s been a busy time at ConnectYourCare. But, it’s also been a “rewarding” time (pun intended).

Last week, we launched a new rewards program for Q1 for brokers and producers.  CYC’s new Triple Play* program for brokers offers three great incentives when they enroll their first CDH group on BrokerCommand.

In case you haven’t heard, BrokerCommand is the next generation of CDH broker management platforms. The platform was developed in alignment with a team of experienced former brokers and producers here at ConnectYourCare. They know the industry and the pain points that brokers face and have created a platform to help you solve these administrative challenges and redefine your business.

Brokers and producers can do a lot within BrokerCommand:

  • Generate automated proposals
  • Adjust commission rates to be competitive
  • Enroll new groups in minutes, not days
  • Build client reports and dashboards
  • Manage renewals

There’s more, but you get the idea.

BrokerCommand’s feature set alone is already a pretty big incentive, but then again, we’re biased. To help brokers get started, ConnectYourCare is offering additional incentives through March 31, 2018, for new business enrolled through BrokerCommand*.

With BrokerCommand’s innovative flexible commission feature, brokers are in full control of their commission strategy.  Brokers can choose their unique commission rate for each client enrolled, allowing brokers to be both strategic and competitive with their pricing models.

When brokers enroll their first new client in BrokerCommand, they start earning Gift Cards. Starting with a $100 Gift Card, they will be able to earn more gift cards for enrolling additional new groups in BrokerCommand.

Through our partnership with FSA Store  and HSA Store, we will also give brokers $10 gift coupons from FSA Store and HSA Store for new groups when enrolled through BrokerCommand. These can be used for any eligible FSA or HSA expenses. Share these with your new enrollees as a welcome gift from you on us.

Possibly the best reward we can give brokers is automatic enrollment in our new CYC broker loyalty rewards program. This loyalty program offers our brokers ongoing value and competitive advantage through a number of incentives and rewards, plus they gain free access to exclusive resources and helpful tools.

Brokers, I invite you to get ahead of the competition by enrolling your first group today. You have a lot of rewards waiting for you.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit here for details.

> Broker Next Steps: Get started with your own Triple Play incentive by visiting  To learn more about BrokerCommand, or to ask questions first, please visit

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