BROKERcommand®: A Solution for Virtual Client Management and Communication

BROKERcommand client management solution

Businesses today are heading into an increasingly virtual world, especially now that many employees are working remotely. For benefits brokers, this means online open enrollment, remote client onboarding, and digital resources have become necessities. To succeed, brokers must have the ability to adapt by embracing technology. Now more than ever, brokers need to have a virtual strategy and the right tools to get ahead of the curve.

That’s why we want to share our solution: BROKERcommand, a robust, easy-to-use tool designed to help brokers manage clients virtually through an all-in-one online platform.

If you aren’t sure you need a new tool for your benefits brokerage business, read on to learn how technology can help you steer your career—and your clients—in the right direction.

Technology Is Driving the Future of Benefits Brokerages

Even before the pandemic changed the working environment, adaptability and technology were essential for benefits brokers to thrive. The employer-sponsored benefits industry is always in flux with more complex plans every year, new requirements, and changing regulations that make it challenging to keep pace.

While in-person client advisory will always prevail as the warm and assuring medium of choice (and hopefully we’ll get back to that soon enough), the future of benefits brokerage services is online, and those who will succeed are the ones that adopt new technology and tools for virtual business interactions. For years, client communications, benefits enrollment, and account management have been moving online, yet brokers are in the unique position of working with clients, vendors, and providers that may still use conventional methods and analog processes, including paperwork. Even brokers themselves may still be dependent upon paper.

While the changing work landscape pushes more processes into the digital realm, brokers have to balance the needs and abilities of their clients and providers with the demands of new technology. This requires frequent communication, organization, and the implementation of effective tools that will cut down on tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks to free them up for more important work.

BROKERcommand May Be the Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Virtual Strategy

Busy brokers and agencies need a tool that meets their needs—to track enrollment forms, transfer files, close deals, share plan documents, and manage billing, all in a streamlined fashion. BROKERcommand is an online client management platform designed for benefits brokers who use ConnectYourCare’s consumer-directed benefits products, like health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter benefits. It puts brokers in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing clients and accounts online, minus tedious administrative tasks, minus the paper.

With BROKERcommand, brokers can add a new client, create and send a proposal, follow up on outstanding items, and access a library of resources for use during open enrollment and beyond. Brokers can easily track where clients are at in these processes, see upcoming deadlines, send reminders, and manage tax-advantaged benefit accounts from an account dashboard, in real time.  BROKERcommand puts brokers in control and eliminates the hassle of manually organizing all tasks, so they can focus on providing better service to their clients and their participants while growing their business.

If any of this has piqued your interest, we invite you to learn more and request a demo to find out how BROKERcommand can help you take the wheel and drive your brokerage business into the future.

Ready to take command?

Check out this BROKERcommand video to help manage your business with increased opportunities, client satisfaction, and ultimately, higher commissions.


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