Baptist Health Testimonial

Baptist Health is an expansive, non-profit health system with hospitals, primary care and specialty clinics, and therapy centers across the state of Arkansas.  As the state’s largest health care provider, this organization employs over 12,000 people, with 9,600 of those employees being benefits eligible.  

When Baptist Health decided they wanted to offer a health savings account (HSA) to pair with their high deductible health plan, they started looking for a new partner that could also help with their Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) administration, as well their flexible spending account (FSA) administration.  

When Baptist Health discovered ConnectYourCare, they felt from the beginning that ConnectYourCare listened to their needs. Paired with the friendliness of the team, the flexibility of the solutions, and the access to data they needed, Baptist Health knew that ConnectYourCare was the way to go.   

We sat down with Terri Morris, benefits manager at Baptist Health, to hear more about her experience with ConnectYourCare

Baptist Health Testimonial Video Transcript

I’m Terri Morris, I’m the benefits manager at Baptist Health in Little Rock Arkansas. We have about 12,000 employees, and about 9600 are benefit eligible. Baptist Health uses quite a few of the ConnectYourCare services. We have direct bill, we have ConnectYourCare handle our COBRA, and also our flex spending administration.  

Things have changed with ConnectYourCare mostly because I have access to information. I can run reports as I need it. When it’s time to fund the HSA accounts, I can easily upload that information. Our accounting department is happy; the reconciliation is much easier for them. So all the way around it’s just been a really good fit for us.  

I would recommend ConnectYourCare because, it’s one vendor that can handle all of our needs. All of the billing, the reportingthe employee communication comes from one central placeand we have one team of people that’s looking out for our business needs.  

Ready to learn how ConnectYourCare can help your company get the most out of your CDH plans. Contact us today!

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