County of Alameda Testimonial

Headquartered in Oakland, California, the County of Alameda is a 9,000-person employer that was looking for a new vendor to provide flexible spending accounts (FSAs), dependent care FSAs, and adoption assistance programs to the county’s employees. FSA claims were previously processed in house, so their benefits team was hoping for something that would streamline claims processing and alleviate the administrative workload around their tax-advantaged accounts.

Ava Lavender, Human Resources Division Manager of Benefits, and Christina Saunders, Benefits Analyst, had a few qualifications in mind when choosing a new vendor. Lavender and Saunders knew they needed a high-touch, technology-driven solution that was easy for all employees to use. The chosen solution also had to be flexible and meet their needs in the implementation process.

That’s when ConnectYourCare came into the picture. Alameda County has now been with ConnectYourCare since January 1, 2019 and were happy to tell their story in this testimonial.

Alameda Testimonial Video Transcript

Lavender: I’m Ava Lavender, and I am the HR Division Manager of Benefits for the County of Alameda. And I’m responsible for directing the group benefits program for the employees here. We have approximately 9,000 employees.

I’ve wanted to introduce a new solution for processing flexible spending accounts to the county for some time now.

Saunders: My name is Christina Saunders, and I am the Benefit Analyst for the County of Alameda. I am responsible for the day-to-day vendor relationship with the many vendors the County of Alameda has for benefits for our employees.

We have been with ConnectYourCare since January 1, 2019, and all of our employees are extremely excited about having ConnectYourCare administer our FSA claims.

Lavender: The one area that really stands out for me was…the onboarding process was almost seamless. And so, the staff that were assigned to our account were phenomenal. They were able to translate how our process would fit into the CYC process, or we were able to come up with something new that was beneficial for both areas.

Saunders: It’s just a pleasure working with the team…with the implementation, as well as the account management. Our employees have access information to their account just readily available. They have the mobile app, they can log in and determine what their FSA balance is. They can determine if they have a receipt outstanding for any claims that they’ve submitted. They can take a picture of it from their phone right at home and upload it and substantiate their claim.

Lavender: We have heard nothing but rave reviews from our employees. I know I’m personally ecstatic when I go to the doctor’s office and I’m able to swipe my card.

Saunders: It’s been wonderful. It was wonderful from the beginning. And it’s even wonderful now that we’re five months into the account management of the TPA. So it’s been wonderful.

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