Consumer Directed Healthcare Management Services for Financial Institutions and Payment Providers

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Flexible banking and investment options customized for client needs

With the growing concern of health care expenses in retirement and a push towards consumerism, more and more employees are striving to make wise banking and investment decisions that will benefit them now and into retirement for qualified medical expenses.

This is why ConnectYourCare works with leading organizations to offer our clients greater levels of banking and investment flexibility for consumer directed healthcare management.

HSA investments in particular have been at the forefront of retirement savings conversations as a complimentary account to 401(k) and IRA accounts to cover HSA expenses tax-free in retirement.

Partner with ConnectYourCare and learn how you can add this level of service to your client offerings for a well-rounded investment portfolio.

ConnectYourCare gives a benefits trends analysis with one of our Consumer Directed Healthcare plan administration partners

Comprehensive health account administration for:

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of employees say “saving for future health care needs” is the primary reason they enrolled in an HSA

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Some of the wonderful companies we partner with today

Partnering with CYC comes with many benefits

Customized branding

  • Multi-purse payment card customized with your brand
  • Co-branded and white-label options for marketing collateral, sales tools, employee communications, and websites

Actionable insights

  • CYC Insights technology provides simple, real-time trends analysis

  • Legislative and regulatory guidance to help keep benefits compliant

  • Market-sensitive pricing updates

  • Educational tools to promote enrollment and best practices

ConnectYourCare has simplified the FSA process with a very well organized program and helpful customer service representatives.

FSA Participant, State of Illinois

Enhanced member experience

  • Integrated participant portal and mobile app for easier account management
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service and IVR focused on health care accounts

  • Financial claims adjudication for higher satisfaction and better adoption

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