Meet Our Team: James C Simmons

Meet Our Team: James C Simmons2019-09-16T13:59:01-04:00
James C Simmons - CYC Board Chair

James C Simmons

Chair, Board of Directors

Jim comes to ConnectYourCare with 30 years of experience in the technology industry. In 1999, Jim was named Chief Executive Officer and President of SunGard Availability Services, a leading international provider of managed IT services and information availability. After growing revenue five-fold over seven years, he helped structure the $11.6 billion dollar transaction that made SunGard the single largest private equity buyout in the technology arena at that time.

A highly sought after speaker and expert on information availability, Jim has appeared on “CBS MarketWatch”, CNBC’s “Power Lunch” and “Business Center”, CNN’s “Business Unusual” and Fox News Channel’s “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto”.

He is a graduate of Furman University where he currently serves on the President’s Advisory Board. He is on the boards of ConnectYourCare and Protective Sports and previously served on the boards of Metastorm and WebOps.

Board of Directors

James C. Simmons
James C. SimmonsChair, Board of Directors
Steve Grieco
Steve GriecoCEO
John Stobo
John Stobo Member, Board of Directors
Peter Hotz
Peter Hotz Member, Board of Directors
Cal Wheaton
Cal Wheaton Member, Board of Directors

Executive Team

Steve Grieco
Steve GriecoChief Executive Officer
Reese Feuerman
Reese FeuermanChief Financial Officer
Harrison Stone
Harrison StoneGeneral Counsel
Tim Sand
Tim SandChief Operating Officer
Raj Bhavsar
Raj BhavsarChief Technology Officer
Mike Wright
Mike WrightChief Sales Officer
Barbara Boudreau
Barbara BoudreauVice President of Strategic Initiatives
Jennifer Hervy
Jennifer HervyVice President of Human Resources
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