Making it even easier to use your account

Thousands of locations across the nation accept ConnectYourCare payment cards for eligible health care expenses.

How to see better reimbursement performance:

The IRS requires retail locations like pharmacies, grocery stores, and wholesale clubs, to have a special inventory control system in place that identifies eligible expenses in order to accept health care payment cards. The system is called IIAS (Inventory Information Approval System), and it helps reduce the need to submit receipts or worry about rejected claims.

Click here for a list of IIAS Compliant Stores. This list is regularly updated, so check back often.

The 90%ers:

Some merchants, while not IIAS compliant, have attested that at least 90% of their transactions are for qualified health care account purchases. These merchants are also allowed to accept payment cards, however, transactions at these locations will require receipts. Click here for a list of 90% Merchants.

The payment card makes using the FSA a breeze. This is the first year I've ever tried an FSA and I'll definitely be back for more.Laura, FSA participant and State of Illinois employee