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With top-tier account management services and customized strategic communications initiatives, ConnectYourCare consistently delivers superior results and high satisfaction ratings. Our programs help clients realize increased engagement and greater satisfaction in their health care accounts.

HSA On Demand®: CVS Health Video Case Study

Megan Bourque, Director Health & Welfare Strategy at CVS Health, and Allen Pease, Chief Business Development Officer at ConnectYourCare, discuss how a revolutionary new HSA solution – HSA On Demand® – works for CVS Health.



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Keys to HSA Enrollment Success: Hormel Foods Corporation Video Case Study and White Paper

Learn how a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded food and meat products achieved exceptionally high employee enrollment in its first year offering HSA/HDHP plan option. Hormel’s senior benefits executive will discuss how the team exceeded predicted rates through the selection of their HSA solution, the strategic plan design and a compelling and engaging employee communications program.

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Full Replacement HSA Plan Strategies and Innovative Benefits Solutions Video Case Study

What makes a company consistently rank in the top 10 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List? In this session we will discuss Edward Jones’ innovation benefits design, including its HSA full replacement strategy and how Edward Jones has implemented unique HSA features that empower its associates in the new consumer-driven world.


Increased HSA IQ and Enrollment

The situation

With thousands of employees at hundreds of locations, maintaining consistent and effective benefits communication seemed like a challenge for this large employer in the automotive industry. But, we know that communication is key to getting employees enrolled and up-to-speed on their health account options. This organization wanted to increase overall awareness of its HSA, with a focus on the HSA On Demand® offering, through an annual campaign aimed to drive HSA enrollment numbers during open enrollment.

The plan

Through 360° Connect, we created a targeted communication program that included “My HSA Story” – a series of interviews conducted with satisfied HSA employees and crafted them into a custom brochure showcasing the employees’ personal HSA stories and family photos. We also created and implemented a “Watch a Video, Win a Prize” campaign to drive education, email campaigns, posters and more. These are just a few examples of the comprehensive and integrated program we designed to simplify things for this company, engage its employees, and drive account enrollment through uniquely tailored strategic communication activities.

The results

After just one year using 360° Connect services, the client was pleased to realize:

27% increase in HSA enrollment
95% overall satisfaction rate
95% satisfaction with claims process
10% increase in employer tax savings

Jumbo Employer FSA Growth

The situation

This client, a large government entity with 44k benefits eligible employees, was already enjoying steady account growth each year and a high level of participant satisfaction.

However, the client wanted to drive enrollment even further and asked for our help.

The plan

With 360° Connect we created a series of communications – including a host of elements like brochures, postcards and handouts – that leveraged simple language to educate and assist employees with a more thorough understanding of tax savings. The materials also promoted CYC Mobile which greatly simplifies using an FSA.

The results

From our program the client realized:

23% increase in FSA enrollment
92% overall satisfaction rate
92% satisfaction with claims process
13% increase in employer tax savings

Driving Wellness

The situation

This organization was looking to boost participation in its Health Risk Assessment. The company was offering $200 deposited into employees’ ConnectYourCare-administered wellness accounts upon completion of the assessment. However, assessment completions had been relatively flat after January. So the company turned to ConnectYourCare for assistance.

The plan

We created a targeted, direct mail, program designed to motivate and encourage employees to take the Health Risk Assessment.

The results

Following the program, the average number of Health Risk Assessments completed each month increased by 173%. We kicked off our program in October and in November 849 assessments were completed, making it the highest month of the year.

A Repeat Performance Drives FSA Enrollment

The situation

Our client had already experienced FSA growth with ConnectYourCare during its first year, but was looking to further grow FSA enrollment in year two. For two consecutive years, ConnectYourCare helped this health system increase FSA enrollment with focused strategies and tactics.

The plan

Custom Communications: We developed and implemented a series of communications including emails and a tri-fold mailer that leveraged key language and messaging to describe the benefits of FSA participation.

Account Support: ConnectYourCare’s dedicated account team worked closely with the benefits team to perfect the account growth strategy. The ConnectYourCare account team also attended the company’s benefits fairs to personally answer employees’ questions and increase program awareness and understanding.

The results

Results – Plan Year 1

  • 21% increase in FSA enrollment
  • 29% increase in Dependent Care FSA enrollment
  • 21% increase in employer tax savings

Results – Plan Year 2

  • 21% increase in FSA enrollment
  • 7% increase in Dependent Care FSA enrollment
  • 16% increase in employer tax savings

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