More Ways to Save: COBRA & Transportation Benefits

In addition to tax-advantaged accounts that help individuals and families pay for health care expenses, we provide COBRA & Direct Billing services that enables employees and their dependents that have lost insurance coverage from an employer-sponsored health plan to continue coverage — provide peace of mind.

Additionally, we offer Transportation accounts that allow individuals to set aside pre-tax funds to pay for eligible, work-related transit and parking expenses.

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COBRA - Continuation coverage with seamless functionality.

COBRA benefits can be complex and time-consuming so we created a comprehensive solution that helps you reduce risk while saving time and money. Our COBRA solution seamlessly integrates to manage everything from account reconciliation and time-frame tracking to regulatory requirements for participant communications and compliance reports.

COBRA Features and Benefits

Complete Online Account Management

  • 24/7 access to online client and participant portals
  • Takeover of current COBRA participants
  • Monthly reporting to clients of COBRA population
  • Election and eligibility maintenance directly with carriers
  • Flexible pricing that meets your business needs

Expert advice that saves time and curbs risk

  • In-house Legal and Compliance assistance
  • Dedicated, toll-free service line

Integrated funds management

  • COBRA premium collection and remittance to clients
  • Automatic reconciliation of exceptions

Automation of compliance activities

  • Notices including NSF, Grace Periods and Secondary Events
  • HIPAA Notices of Creditable Coverage to Include COBRA coverage
  • ACA reporting for COBRA population
  • General notice of initial rights from takeover forward
  • QE notification from takeover forward

Flexible fulfillment options

  • Open enrollment packet assembly and distribution
  • Spanish language versions of COBRA materials
  • Documentation storage
  • Ledger record of all mailings

ConnectYourCare has strengthened COBRA administrators with leading COBRA management for over a decade. We offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients and respond to changes in technology, the benefits marketplace and legal requirements. How can we help connect you with COBRA Care?

Transportation Accounts - Make the ride a little smoother for you and your employees.

U.S. employers can now easily implement an employee benefit that provides savings for both employees and employers.

Section 132 of the Federal Tax Code established that employees’ commuting expenses are exempt from federal payroll taxes up to certain limits. By participating in a ConnectYourCare commuter program, employees can pay for qualified transportation with pre-tax dollars. These expenses can cover, work-related transportation and parking expenses including trains, buses, subways, ferries, vanpools and parking.

Transportation benefits can potentially save employees more than $1,300 each year (assuming a combined tax rate of 30%). When employees don’t pay income or FICA taxes on these expenses, the savings really add up.

Employers can save up to 7.65% on their payroll taxes as employees use pre-tax dollars to cover their commuting expenses.

And ConnectYourCare offers advantages above the savings:

  • Streamlined implementation by dedicated project management teams
  • Direct sourcing & distribution eliminates non-compliant reimbursements
  • Online enrollment and home delivery increases employee satisfaction
  • High levels of employee participation

For individuals, parking or transit passes can be easily ordered online and the entire amount may be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. An online calculator helps employees quantify their savings.

A variety of transportation and parking benefit options are available from ConnectYourCare including:

  • Transit passes
  • Commuter check voucher for transit
  • Direct pay for parking
  • Bicycle commuter benefit

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