Health Savings Account (HSA)

More control—for your future

A Health Savings Account (HSA) offers employees maximum control over their health care decisions, options for investing HSA balances, and valuable tax savings.  For employers, an HSA is a very smart way to curb runaway costs while preserving the benefits that workers need.

Because Health Savings Account Plans are owned outright by the individual—including employer contributions from the time of deposit—employees make independent decisions around the disbursement, saving or investment of their funds.

Contributions to an HSA reduce taxable income and the interest earned on HSA balances and investments is tax free. The result is “triple” tax savings: contributions, interest from investments, ongoing and future qualified distributions can all be tax-free under normal circumstances.

Employees are able to save their HSA money until they hit retirement, maximizing the advantage of any investment gains a larger HSA balance might offer over the intervening years.

The right HSA Provider makes all the difference.

Not all HSAs are alike.  Health Savings Accounts from ConnectYourCare offer some unique  products and important advantages:

Accelerated access to contributions with HSA On Demand®

Manage everything online—or on-the-go!

ConnectYourCare uses today’s technology (including mobile apps and text alerts) to create a straightforward experience for individuals, administrators, employers, and health care providers.  We routinely get high marks from users who find our website and apps very easy to use – whether it’s for taking care of everything from an electronic bill payment to their doctor to choosing one of our blue-chip investment options.

Investment options

HSA balances can be invested in a variety of ways, to help a person’s account work even harder (and tax-free) over time.  Several blue-chip options are available.

Superior customer service

Our 24/7, U.S.-based customer service operation has earned outstanding satisfaction rates from employers and participants alike.

Payment Card convenience

For ease-of-use and automated recordkeeping, nothing compares to the convenience of a payment card.  As simple as a credit card—with the added benefit of a tax-ready audit trail.


Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Offer Triple Tax Savings

“My HSA has been fundamental in helping me lower my health care costs. It is outstanding!”

– Kevin, HSA participant and Citi employee

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