Open Enrollment Blueprint: 5 Ways to Up the Game [Webinar]

Open Enrollment Blueprint: 5 Ways to Up the Game Webinar Banner

On-Demand Webinar | Recorded May 23, 2017 | 45 mins.

No matter the size or complexity of your company, meeting your benefits communications goals is achievable with a proven plan. This webinar presents proven practices and provides a blueprint for upping your communications game this open enrollment season. 

In this webinar presented by Alicia Main, Vice President of Marketing at ConnectYourCare, and Adrienne Bailey, Benefits Specialist at Kimberly-Clark, you’ll learn the top five ways for delivering measurable results, including proven practices for: 

  • Overcoming enrollment barriers to boost enrollment in tax-advantaged accounts
  • Implementing creative communication strategies that cut through the noise 
  • Building year-round engagement that increases employee satisfaction
  • Additionally, learn how one Fortune 150 company built a compelling educational program to transition employees from a traditional plan to a cost-savings full replacement HSA. Adrienne, a benefits expert with 18 years’ experience, will guide attendees through Kimberly-Clark’s communication plan strategy, development, goals and successes.

Don’t miss this informative webinar—begin preparing for measureable success today.

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Watch our webinar now: Open Enrollment Blueprint

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