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Industry Outlook: Emerging Trends in Consumer Driven Health Care

March 30th, 2017 at 1 p.m. EST

HSAs have skyrocketed to an estimated $37 billion in assets and 20 million accounts at year-end 2016.  So, what do participants plan to do with those tax-advantaged investments at retirement?

63% of employee respondents said that saving for future health expenses was their primary retirement concern, and over 40% of HSA participants enrolled in their plan primarily to save for future health costs.

Join ConnectYourCare and Devenir as we partner to discuss breaking industry trends in our upcoming webinar.

Barbara Boudreau, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at ConnectYourCare, and Eric Remjeske, President/Co-Founder of Devenir, will share the results of both the ConnectYourCare survey and the recently released Devenir report.

These recognized industry experts will provide their valuable insight into the growth potential of the Consumer Driven Health Care market, adoption trends, plan usage, and suggestions for employers looking to grow employee participation in tax-advantaged accounts.

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Legislative Landscape Series: Navigating Consumer Directed Health Care in a New Era

Capitol Building - How GOP Congress Could Impact HSA Contributions and Rules

Legislative Landscape Series: Navigating Consumer Directed Health Care in a New Era

On Demand | Recorded February 23, 2017

In the new Trump administration, changes to the Consumer Directed Health Care market are imminent. Are you prepared?

Join Harrison Stone, ConnectYourCare’s Chief Counsel, and Meredith Cipriano, Senior Counsel, for the first informative webcast in our Legislative Landscape 2017 Series to learn about the key legislative updates you need to watch for in 2017.

Making HSAs Affordable to All Employees

Making HSAs Affordable to All Employees

Most employees are hesitant taking more out of their paycheck to contribute to their benefits—they witness the rising cost of healthcare and want to hold on to every dollar. What few employees realize, is there are consumer-directed benefit tools available that allow them to invest, pre-tax, their earnings to off-set the rising cost of care—regardless of income levels.

See a case study presented by CVS Health based their own implementation strategy, and hear more about HSA trends and cutting-edge innovations.

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Communication Plans that Drive Enrollment, Satisfaction, and Engagement

Learn from seasoned benefits experts as they take you on a case-study driven tour through proven best practices for driving enrollment and account satisfaction.


How Regulatory Changes Impact Your CDH Program

Capture2Listen to nationally-recognized HSA expert Roy Ramthun and ConnectYourCare’s General Counsel Harrison Stone during this informative webcast discussing the Cadillac Tax.

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Affordable Healthcare – Redesign Your Plan for Cost Savings


In this 50 – minute program, presented by, ConnectYourCare’s CFO Reese Feuerman discusses the value of replacing traditional health plans with HSA-compatible high deductible health plans with guest Neil Mann, Executive Vice President of Allegis Group. Feuerman will also showcase the 360° HSA Calculator.

Presenters: Reese Feuerman, Chief Financial Officer, ConnectYourCare

Neil Mann, Executive Vice President, Allegis Group

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Webinar: Industry Outlook – Emerging Trends in Consumer Driven Healthcare

Presented by ConnectYourCare and Devenir

Thursday, March 30th at 1PM EST

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