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Drive HSA adoption with health care "overdraft protection"

We all know that health care expenses don’t arrange themselves in neat monthly allocations that perfectly match-up with savings and contributions. But what if employees could tap their full year’s HSA contribution whenever they incur the expenses throughout the year?

ConnectYourCare clients who have added this feature – HSA On Demand – have seen significant boosts in interest and adoption of their HSA programs.

With HSA On Demand, participants are able to access their full year’s contributions at any time of year. And employers can make their contributions at the end of the plan year instead of the beginning. By eliminating the up-front risk of a catastrophic financial event, employees can enroll in HSAs with confidence and ease of mind.

HSA On Demand is easy to implement – no paperwork required – and provides real-time, accelerated access to future contributions at the point of service (e.g. pharmacy or doctor’s office.)

Accelerated funds are then repaid through future payroll deductions. It is often characterized to employees as overdraft protection for an HSA and a welcome safety net for unexpected expenses.

Employers, Watch the HSA On Demand Intro Video:

HSA On Demand at a Glance:

  • Addresses #1 fear of employees in adopting CDH plans (greater financial risk)
  • Provides need-based, interest-free payroll acceleration for qualified expenses
  • Allows employers to better predict plan costs, reduce pre-funded losses, reduce tax liability, and direct more money to employees vs. insurance companies.
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