Welcome to a benefits partnership that’s smart and easy

If you’re looking at health care benefits, the job today is essentially to find and hold onto good employees, stay ahead of the fast-moving regulations, and to (quickly!) get a handle on runaway costs.

If an HSA, FSA, or HRA is part of your company’s solution, you should know that there are important differences among vendors.

Here are some of the ways we distinguish ourselves in implementing
Consumer Directed Health Care (CDH) more effectively:

  • A proven track record of getting employees to use the plans

    You can’t control costs if your people won’t participate. Education and communication are the keys to your program’s success. And we know how to motivate and educate employees to get behind these plans—with tools and resources that help you maximize enrollment, administer your program more effectively, and ensure a successful renewal.

  • A proven ability to streamline administration

    Our technology experts are second-to-none and provide the insight and know-how to simplify the lives of all the participants in the system. From users apps that capture and organize receipts, to cutting-edge interfaces with providers and payors, we have the tools and the in-the-trenches experience to make it easy.

  • A proven history of significant employer savings

    We consistently save employers 10% or more on taxes by increasing enrollment in FSAs and HSAs through targeted communications programs.

  • A proven legacy of satisfaction among blue-chip clients

    We have a 100% implementation satisfaction rate, a 92% service satisfaction rate, and a 95% client retention rate.

Like to hear some specifics?
There are many ways to leverage CDH plans—and no two approaches are alike. If you’re ready to meet with a partner who has demonstrable results in doing more, we’d welcome the chance to connect. Please call 1-844-SMRTCDH or email today.

“ConnectYourCare created a complex HSA offering with custom features for our workforce.”

– Terri Byron, Benefits Manager, Sonic Automotive

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Welcome to a benefits partnership that’s smart and easy

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