ConnectYourCare helps you navigate the complexity

Juggling the intricacies of benefits is challenging for employers, consultants, and employees alike. That’s why our accounts include features that save everyone time and maximize the value of the account for employees:

Modern, “Real-world” Tools

Helping people understand how to use the benefits program and leverage the speed of self-service reimbursements helps everyone in the process stay efficient and happy. We offer apps and online tools that do everything from clarifying benefits and procedures, to simplifying medical expense recordkeeping for the IRS.

Payment Card Convenience

For ease-of-use and automated recordkeeping, nothing compares to the convenience of a payment card to pay for health care services.

Online and Mobile Claims Submission

We offer fast, convenient, and secure management for expenses (reimbursement and recordkeeping) from any web browser or mobile device. We also process reimbursements within a few days—with no minimum transaction amounts.

Superior Customer Service

Providing help when it’s needed most, our 24/7, U.S.-based customer service operation has earned high satisfaction rates from employers and participants alike.

Communications that Communicate

Understanding benefits can be confusing. Our communications use plain language and talk to participants as real people. We don’t believe in overloading people with technical language, acronyms and jargon.


Jun 2017

ConnectYourCare Appoints Tim Sand as Chief Operations Officer

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May 2017

ConnectYourCare Appoints Raj Bhavsar as Chief Technology Officer

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May 2017

ConnectYourCare Announces Increases in 2018 IRS Limits for Health Savings Accounts

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