Annual Communication Program

Help employees get the most out of their accounts

It’s about making it easy. We’ve learned that communication is key to getting employees enrolled and up-to-speed on their benefit options. This is why ConnectYourCare offers our clients a complete, integrated, communications program designed to simplify things for you, engage and educate your employees, and drive account enrollment.

Here’s an annual program to drive account education, understanding and enrollment.

Pre-Enrollment – Use these tools to build excitement and education

Proper notice and thorough planning, is critical to the success of any open-enrollment period. ConnectYourCare has simplified for you tools to drive awareness, including; videos, posters, account guides, and presentations. Fill in the form below to access communications tools for your employees:

Open Enrollment – Drive enrollment in your account based plans

Are your employees unsure of which plan options are best for them, or how much to invest? ConnectYourCare has developed several comprehensive tools to educate employees on plan options so they can select the best options for their lifestyle. Fill in the form below to access tools to ensure your open enrollment is a success:

Throughout the Year - Help employees get the most out of their accounts

ConnectYourCare wants you to get the most out of your account, so you can maximize the benefits. These educational resources will help you throughout the year leverage the ConnectYourCare platform, as well as answer commonly asked questions around tax benefits, claim submission, and eligible expenses. Fill in the form below to access helpful resources that will keep your employees up-to-date on their plan:


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