Running a business is tough enough. Welcome to a benefits partnership that’s smart and easy.

In an industry undergoing sea change, plan sponsors are searching for a path to CDH that offers flexibility with a trusted partner having demonstrated stability and vision. ConnectYourCare provides an innovative solution to the healthcare marketplace. The CYC platform provides an online member account for education and account administration; a smart healthcare payment card for paying most health-related expenses, a consumer-friendly claims substantiation process, and a toll-free customer support center. The online member account also provides access to healthcare decision support, personal risk assessment and wellness tools to support employee consumerism.

The CYC offering enables you to provide a solution to your client that complements any health insurance model: self-funded, group insurance, individual insurance, or any combination of slice options or multiple carriers. With CYC you have more flexibility to provide a value-added, componentized solution, offering your clients more control over their insurance options in the future while delivering a superior consumer experience to their employees now.

The Consumer Directed Healthcare movement is transferring dollars and control from health plans to consumers. However, along with the monetary incentives and new healthcare responsibility, consumers need the tools and an optimal healthcare banking experience for CDH to be successful. At CYC we understand this and our business model is driven by it.

Why ConnectYourCare?
  • Trusted financial partnership for you and your employees
  • Backed by a Fortune 150 company in the consumer healthcare industry
  • Administrative platform designed by industry experts specifically for CDH
  • Multi-million dollar investment in healthcare payment card processing technology, enabling advanced multi-purse account management with one healthcare payment card
  • Highest rates of auto-substantiation with smart healthcare payment card, complemented by an automated, paperless adjudication process.
  • Robust healthcare, wellness, and decision-support tools
  • Wellness incentive management
  • Full suite of communications tools for consultants and employers

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