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Payment Cards for Health Care Expenses Leverage the best practices of today's economy

Whether your company favors an HSA, FSA, or HRA, individuals can enjoy the speed and convenience of instant access to their account funds and automated recordkeeping with a Payment Card for health care.

Qualified merchants (e.g. pharmacies or wholesale clubs) and providers (e.g. doctor’s offices) simply swipe the card like any other credit card to accept payment for a purchase or service. Funds for eligible expenses are transferred directly and records of every transaction are maintained for managing budgets and retrieval at tax season.

A better way to pay for—and track—medical expenses

The main benefit of the payment card is convenience. The entire process of paying out-of-pocket for qualified health care expenses, filing a claim and waiting for reimbursement is eliminated. Recordkeeping and claims-filing is automated to assist you. A personal portal makes access easy and convenient.


Advanced Card Features include

  • Stacked and multi- account capability through single card
  • White label or co-branded card options
  • Advanced HRA processing
  • Online card fulfillment for replacement cards
  • Transit and Parking at the terminal ID level
  • IIAS compliance for auto-substantiation of medical and pharmacy items
  • Text push notices based on card activity

Integrated Card & Claims Platform

  • Real-time access to card swipe activity
  • Electronic substantiation requests
  • Receipt upload capability through portal and mobile app
  • Substantiation of health plan files
  • Co-pays for substantiation
  • Merchant-level substantiation
  • Industry-high rates of auto-substantiation

Qualified expenses are automatically checked

  • Copayments that match your employer’s group health insurance plan
  • Copayments that match your employer’s group pharmacy benefit
  • Recurring expenses of the same dollar amount and same location
  • Coordinates with merchants’ automated inventory control systems

Streamlined Funding

  • Vendor agnostic to allow integration with multiple providers
  • Consolidated funding request for debit card and manual claims (Check/ACH) payments
  • Daily automated balance synchronization and reconciliation