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In 2002, a team of experts came together to create some workable alternatives for delivering truly affordable healthcare to U.S. companies and their employees.

During this tumultuous time, ConnectYourCare became adept at anticipating emerging policies and trends—and responding with common-sense products and innovative tools.

Today, ConnectYourCare is one of the largest and the most responsive providers of uniquely featured Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and retirement health benefit account administration. The plans we offer are fundamentally different—providing feature like flexible funding/financing options and better strategies for driving adoption and guiding usage.

Our approach to consumer directed care is rooted in creating better, more efficient connections among: the people who provide benefits (employers, health plans, financial institutions), the people accessing healthcare services (employees/members), and the people who deliver healthcare services (doctors, nurses, technicians, and other providers.)

Delivering savings/ROI and efficiencies at every turn; giving individuals tools they can use to make better-informed choices, including our renowned service representatives; simplifying the entire process with brilliant customer-focused solutions—and continually developing new features and options—these are the core competencies that have allowed us to grow a loyal and highly satisfied client base of blue-chip organizations of every size across the country.

We believe there is a unique solution for every company.

And we don’t stop working until we connect you with the perfect one—a solution that simplifies administration, delivers significant ROI, and leaves employees feeling positive about their future.

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